All You Need to Know About Angularjs

Introduction to AngularJS

Published by Google in 2009, AngularJS has turned out to be one of the most extensive JavaScript frameworks and increases prime consideration as of recently. 

The prime target of Google behind making it was to make the front-end improvement procedure simplified. In spite of the numerous plugins and frameworks accessible in the market, site owners and now mobile app development companies go for AngularJS development services.

Since its launch, it has kept on showing improvement over powerful page stacking by offering an extraordinary client experience.

AngularJS would help build up an incredible web application with the best client experience in the event that you are searching for video streaming apps, travel apps, user-review applications, climate applications, web based business and m-trade; and social applications.

Why Choose Angular JS?

Let’s discuss about the several facts and reasons behind the popularity of AngularJS technology, and why it ought to be the choice for app development to build superior and top notch applications.

Some of the prime reasons are highlighted below-

Easy to Use

AngularJs is power-packed with some key highlights, which makes it simple for AngularJs Web Application Development experts to make applications by composing least codes. There is no compelling reason to write setters and getters for applying various information models. 

Code written in AngularJS is more obvious and is easy to save. Aside from that, code writing alleviation mean sparing a ton of time and efforts for app developers.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

One of the most valuable highlights of AngularJS is that it accompanies a smooth Model View Control Architecture, which is additionally extremely powerful in nature. Essentially, MVC makes it simpler for developers to build customer side web application.

All the MVC components here are developed independently and are consolidated automatically utilizing AngularJS Framework. Likewise, there is no requirement for developers to compose additional code to fit every one of the components  mutually.

It enables you to put MVC element independently and naturally sets them together according to the necessity.

Easy Testing Strategies

With the utilization of AngularJS in application development, the testing part has moved toward becoming issue free. AngularJS permits mobile application designers to build up the code independently. 

In this way, the segment and modules that should be tested can be handled while the rest stays immaculate. This module separation feature empowers the developers to stack the necessary services and execute automated testing without any difficulty.

User Interface with HTML

AngularJS utilizes the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) to make the UI. The HTML language is an explanatory language that utilizations short tags and it is exceptionally easy to get it. 

It gives a superior and composed UI. The framework uses without limit, and by utilizing directives, it enables you to enlarge HTML labels. 

Then again, JavaScript Interfaces are much complicated to redesign and to develop, consequently this is one of the advantageous features for app developers.


Modularity is one of the significant explanations behind the notoriety of AngularJs. It enables the developers to make various modules for a solitary application. 

These modules are subject to each other and one can join them for running a total application. AngularJs naturally perceives the need to create an extra module so it can be joined with other created application modules.

Comes with Filters

AngularJS filters come of great assistance when you have to change stored data in AngularJs responsive design. The AngularJs catalog offers developers with various filters for numbers, lowercase, capitalized, currency, order by, date and much more. It additionally gives an alternative to create one’s very own filter by enlisting another  filter factory.

Two-way data binding

The two-way data binding functionality in AngularJs is quite admirable. As a part of it, any changes that occur in the application have affect the UI and the other way around. With With AngularJs structure, the user activities and module changes happen at the same time.

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