How Does Voice Recognition Technology Work?

Voice innovation has boundless conceivable outcomes. Siri and Alexa are one of the popular examples of it. Residential voice assistant gadgets like Google Home and Amazon Echo is a piece of everyday life for many individuals. Voice search technology is setting down deep roots, late measurements affirm it. 

Big Data analysis is one of the prominent ways to know how popular voice search truly is. With millions of Gigabytes of information (and tallying), Google is ostensibly the best source of unbiased data. 

Nowadays, voice recognition becomes so easy to use thus precise, specialists  predict that half of all web searches will be made using voice by 2020. Furthermore, that is just a single year away.

But, How Does Speech Recognition Technology Work?

Surrounded by smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, laptops, STEM Robots, robots, cars and more, it’s easy to take for granted how a lot of research has gone into making this cutting edge world we live in.

Voice acknowledgment is an AI-powered (Artificial Intelligence) technology that comprehends what people are saying, and that incorporates a surprising assortment of words, sentence types, and accents.

AI is a progression of related advancements that utilization enormous datasets to make forecasts. Voice recognition software  analyzes the sounds that you make by filtering, then convert them into binary form that they can “understand”, and afterward examining it for meaning.

In other words, At the point when you talk, voice acknowledgment forms your words utilizing this past investigation, then applies complex AI models to predict what you’re stating and how it ought to react. It then replies back to you in the form of voice or text. The machine attempts to do this with a high degree of accuracy.

Benefits of the Voice Recognition Technology

With the rapid use of connected gadgets, the voice recognition technology innovation is conjuring the enthusiasm of the users from industries and buyer section both.

Following are the Benefits of The Technology:

Increase in Accuracy

As per Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report, Google’s AI supported voice acknowledgment framework has accomplished the accuracy of 95%.  The accomplishment isn’t simply of Google but the industry as a whole,as it has opened up the likelihood for the IoT (Internet of technology) frameworks to become more  to be progressively proficient and so is the end-users.

Improved Customer Service

Voice recognition technology has been as of now implanted in practically all the mobile phone gadgets. Alexa by Amazon, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Google Assistant is a household name now. The innovation utilized by these tech giants are further developed when contrasted with the IVR innovation utilized by the telecom business. It is likely in future that the telecom business replaces its automated frameworks with cutting edge voice-enacted innovation. Also, when combined with the IoT framework, the result is constant understanding of the behaviour and speedy reaction to clients. The technology will improve how IoT frameworks process data and produce knowledge by giving them more data about how clients react to the data.

Enhanced Internal Learning Ecosystem

Where on one hand IoT will build the coordinated effort and participation within the organization, while reducing the exertion and cost,gadgets controlled with cutting edge voice-acknowledgment innovation will help undertakings to make an inward learning ecosystem. In this ecosystem, users’ experience and users’ interaction both will be expanded, as the innovation can exceptionally address the concerns of robotic voices and inability to respond to react to what is required.

Integrated with IoT Apps

Amazon’s Alexa is a great example here, which can be incorporated with IoT (Internet of Things) applications to accomplish the ideal objectives. It includes scheduling meeting, setting reminders, and personalization of services. Enterprises can connect with IoT improvement organization to make applications that are inserted with Voice Recognition highlight.

Smarter and Faster Operations

Natural language processing will speed up the operations, no matter what the industry is. As the business manages individuals from various instructive foundation, a propelled language and voice acknowledgment framework will make the sharing of data a lot speedier and advantageous.


There is a gap between the speed at which humans think and the time taken to respond. However, the voice recognition technology empowered by Artificial Intelligence make it simpler to reply within minutes.

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