Node.js is an open source, cross-stage back-end technology that is used to build server-side web applications. It utilizes the non-blocking, event-driven I/O model and empowers the development of applications with a quick back-end. This innovation is very popular today because it gives incredible chances to opportunities to developers and enhances the proficiency of the engineering teams. It can be used to build Web apps that are ideal for both startups and large industries. Mowever, it tends to create standard web applications on the server side, where it can control an enormous number of occurring connections in a non-blocking way.

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Why to choose Node.js For Your Web App?

Very Fast:

Node.js utilizes JavaScript in the backend, and that is sufficient to understand how quick the codes execute. Also, it keeps running on the Google’s V8 engine, which compiles the JavaScript legitimately into machine code making it quicker than you can envision

Real-Time Web Application:

Node.js has extremely incredible features when it comes to develop ongoing applications, like, chat and gaming applications. Node.js is likewise useful for the projects that need an event-based server, just as non-blocking driven servers.

Reduces costs for development:

It’s profoundly adaptable and requires less assets to deal with huge loads as compared to other technologies


It utilizes Javascript, so a similar language can be used both toward the back and front-end. This implies no language barriers between front-end and back-end development.


Ameotech Informatics is leading as a NodeJS service provider company in 10+ countries. Further, we will help you get applications ready to handle the large number of connections to various systems. With our excellent command building solutions on Node, you have not to worry trusting us with anything ‘network’. We have done justice to diversified demands of our clients related to network based applications that need to talk back-and forth, very often.

Our highly skilled developers are known for providing the prominent Node.js web development Services as per the business needs. Our responsibility to long haul partnership is reflected in full-cycle by our node.js service providers wrapping each part of development and execution.

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Why US?


Our developers have years of experience in using the advanced NodeJS programming web apps that are beneficial to enhance the functionalities of the application so that it can work all the more effectively for your business.


We have idea that every business has various needs, hence, we offer extremely incredible customized solutions for them. Our experienced NodeJS developers built most secure and scalable applications by utilizing advanced innovations to provide you the most ideal solution.


Skilled with the most recent apparatuses and advances, We can create result-driven, cost effective, and feature-rich solutions by using latest tools and technologies.

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Being a top-notch NodeJS development services provider, we have great expertise in Node.js application development and can build robust solutions that will help you to resolve various business challenges. Hire NodeJS developers from us for profoundly adaptable, data-intensive and real-time applications.

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