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Amrinder singh(managing Director)

Amrinder Singh

(Managing Director)

Amrinder Singh is a multi-disciplined professional who has performed exceptionally across diverse industries. He has over 18 years of experience in varied senior management and technical roles such as product development, operations management, and strategic pursuit. He has led many complex and transformational technology deals and managed operational services in various well-known companies. He has always been very passionate about the technology opportunity in India and the potential it brings for development and innovation.

As Managing Director at Ameotech Informatics, his role is to use his remarkable analytical skills and convert initial concepts into comprehensive, practical action items. He specializes in projects being built on a range of technologies to include Asp.Net, C#, SQL Server, Python, NoSQL, and more. He has successfully negotiated win-win outcomes by quickly developing durable and collaborative relationships with all stakeholders at Ameotech.

Amrinder Singh believes in having faith and courage in all seasons regardless of the complexities and challenges that his team might face. He uses this core philosophy to develop and enhance cross-functional team performance. His action-oriented leadership and people management skills have been valuable in defining the company values and vision for the past several years. He is the loudest and the strongest advocate of Ameotech's brilliant tech teams.

Paramjit Singh

(Chief Technology Officer)

Paramjit Singh has been responsible for managing and growing Research and Development facilities and bringing innovative products and services to market in a number of organizations. He is driven by his fervour for technology integrations and engagements. From building a technical team to product/service discovery and development, he has done it all in his 15 years of technology experience. He has assisted companies in driving their technology strategy forwardby leading their technical teams to provide superior quality bug-free products and scaling their services with newer perspectives.

As CTO at Ameotech Informatics, Paramjit's role is to work closely with the company's engineering teams and deliver technology-enabled solutions to our clients across India and the US. He drives forward the direction of Ameotech's technology platform and optimizes its innovative solutions using the latest technologies like .Net Core, MVC, AngularJS, JavaScript, Django, etc.

Since the beginning of his leadership, Ameotech has adopted a solutions-oriented approach to delivering a wider product range to its clients. He has been instrumental in helping Ameotech embrace new digital initiatives within the existing service scope as well as identify new areas of opportunity in the tech realm. He has helped the technical teams achieve exceptional quality and performance standards through his expertise in API and service development.

Paramjit Singh (chief technology Officers

Subhash Kumar (vice President, development)

Subhash Kumar

(Vice President, Development)

Subhash Kumar has held various leadership roles in his expansive career including corporate development and business management. He has served as the key member of various management teams and helped create substantial and sustainable improvements in the operations of tech companies. He has been responsible for enabling profitable growth, driving a high- performing culture, and delivering superior client service and solutions. He is passionate about what technology can achieve and loves to build solid teams that can share his spirit for problem- solving.

As the Director of Development, Subhash Kumar brings 18 years of transformational leadership experience to Ameotech Informatics. His role at Ameotech is to act as a catalyst in driving strategic projects based on platform-enabled applications and market-leading solutions. He steers the company into next-generation digital solutions based on leading-edge languages such as C# .Net, ReactJS, NodeJS, SQL, JavaScript, and MongoDB to name a few. His vision at Ametotech is to drive success for not only clients but also all employees and shareholders.

Subhash Kumar has always taken a people-centric approach achieving responsible and unceasing business growth at Ametotech Informatics. His functional prowess across technology-based business services has helped Ameotech realize its true potential. His expertise in strategy anddigital modernization has propelled strategies that position Ameotech among India's leading companies.

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