Why to Choose Ionic Framework For Mobile Applications Development

Ionic is an open-source UI framework used to build productive, high-quality mobile and desktop applications utilizing web technologies. This angularjs based system framework an engineer to use a blend of a few other programming languages, for example, html5 css and javascript.

Unlike a responsive framework, Ionic accompanies native-styled mobile UI components and formats that you’d get with native SDK on iOS or Android however didn’t generally exist before on the web. Ionic additionally gives you some opinionated yet incredible approaches to build mobile applications that eclipse existing HTML5 development frameworks. The mobile app developer will be able to design creative UI and present user-friendly features for their targeted audience.

Features of Ionic:

Based On AngularJS: it comes to creating versatile mobile applications and web applications, AngularJS is considered as a widely favored framework for the developers. Ionic permits to utilize extraordinary frameworks like AngularJS, which adds ultra features and functionalities to your application. As, AngularJS is the most ideal approach to create browser-based applications, though with the help of Ionic framework mobile developers can hybrid mobile apps and web-based applications.


❖ Easy customization of each page: Customizing the design of each page is possible with languid stacking of utilization and can be set with apathetic stacking page’s need. Thus it underpins the Ionic page decorator which makes the customization very simpler since languid stacking is upheld by ionic.

❖ Cross-platform: With the assistance of Ionic you can fabricate and convey applications that work over multiple stages like, local iOS, Android, work area, and the web as a Progressive Web App — Simply implies, Write once, run anyplace.

❖ Open-Source: Ionic offers alluring and stable features that can be utilized to build up an easy to use versatile application. You can create intuitive and robust hybrid mobile applications with this open-source framework. It offers mobile-optimized codes of AngularJS, CSS and HTML segments.

❖ Uses Cordova Plugins: Plugins play an immense job in the mobile application development. The Ionic framework utilizes Cordova Plugins that are helpful for the designers in gaining access to several other features of the mobile operating system, for example, Camera, GPS, and so forth. According to your business offered services, the developer can use any kind of plugins that suit best to build up an ideal functioning mobile application.

Ameotech Informatics offers particular services in Ionic mobile app development, an open-source SDK for hybrid app development for consistent performance crosswise over various platforms, for example, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Our industry-driving Ionic application development services along with AngularJS, HTML5, and CSS for your mobile application idea.

We execute coding best practices by adhering to the guidelines of different mobile operating frameworks. With focus on advancement and perfection, our group of Ionic developers use several elements of the framework to develop rich and robust cross-platform apps.

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